About Us

Public speaking seminars offered by professionals from the corporate world and the stage. Coming this May to Germany and later this year to the USA, Gail Reid and Gwendolyn Kuhlmann are offering two seminars designed to help get your message across to your audience.

What is the Audience-Centered Approach?

Audience-Centered Speaking teaches you to shift the priority from what you're saying to what your audience is hearing. This means organizing your ideas in a way your audience can follow them. This means being grounded in your own body and your own voice.

Informative Seminar
The seminar to attend for everyone who needs and wants to share their data, ideas, and results to a targeted audience, be they employees, colleagues, or investors.

Persuasive Seminar
A great seminar for anyone who needs to sell an idea and make the case for their organization, institute, or business.

In both seminars, you will learn:
- How to think about your audience and what will make them listen.
- How to deal with nerves
- How to your voice and your body as instruments of communication.
- How to structure your speech so your audience will follow

Business size

1-10 employees

Commercial presence