About Us

We are Bonativo. We imagine a world where we get our groceries directly from the regional producers, without detours and always fresh. We take everything you love about farmers‘ markets – the local, seasonal and handcrafted products that you can‘t find anywhere else – and deliver it to your doorstep. We are a young, ambitious team of Food- and Tech lovers and have the common goal to revolutionize grocery shopping and build a strong food community.

Our food hub is always stacked with the most amazing regional food you can find anywhere. Oh, and did we mention: We really love what we do and we deeply believe in our mission of connecting our suppliers and customers. If scale and speed of execution is exciting to you, if you are passionate about your craft and if you are striving to build better food systems that matter to millions of people around the world, Bonativo will be the right place for you!

Learn more about us at www.bonativo.com

Business size

26-100 employees


Commercial presence