About Us

GABO:mi - Your experts in the management of Research Projects

We support you with help and advice when applying for European research grants.

From project start, we are your project management. This means we take over:

- Contract negotiations
- Financial management
- Reporting to the European Commission
- Meeting organisation
- Public relations
- and much more

As a result, you are disburdened at most and have more time for research!

Everyone does what one can do best!

GABO:mi was founded in 2005. Since then GABO:mi has gained extensive expertise with diverse EU funding instruments and managed more than 40 medium- and large-scale collaborative projects in FP7 and Innovative Medicine Initiative.

Project managers with GABO:mi have widespread experiences in the management of EU Framework Programme projects. They are familiar with the structures of research institutions within Europe and beyond and with their governing principles, and are up-to-date with the regulations of the European Commission and its agencies.

Additionally, GABO:mi has an own IT department which is experienced in programming websites, setting up the technical environment for meeting- and conference registration and management. Moreover, they can also offer individual IT solutions for specific projects.

GABO:mi has developed the web-based project management tool :milliarium for the management of EU Framework Programme Projects. :milliarium has a number of different distinguished functionalities supporting day-by-day project management.