About Us

Welcome to the software economy. Barely a device that isn't a computer deep on the inside and subsequently needs software to run. Not enough though, these devices keep evolving continuously while their number is increasing at the same pace - it's a big challenge not to miss a trend and keep track of the most recent developments.

// Our passion

Fascinated by the sheer possibilities that state of art technology offers, we want to push the limits and be part of its evolution - that's our driving force.

// How we work

We combine passion with profession in a way where creative freedom and the high requirements of complex systems are not at odds. Over the years we've created tools to help us meet our own claims on quality and reliability and control our production processes, giving us the time to let our imagination run wild.

From proven principles like the agile manifesto, the clean code 101 or the japanese "Kaizen" we took what's best for us and created a code of conduct that we're devoted to.

// What we do

Starting more than 15 years ago with the creation of client/server software and applications for the then still new world wide web, we later added platform independent development in Java and Flash - always with the user at the focal point. With the dawn of the smartphone era in 2006 we shifted our activities towards mobile platforms, namely iOS, Android and a little later Windows Phone.
To account for the growing importance of the internet of things, our latest addition to the portfolio is electronics development.

// In a nutshell

Currently imagine on offers software development for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS and Android as well as the development and manufacturing of electronic modules. Among our recent projects are shopping apps for renowned retail companies, a full fledged daily newspaper mobile publishing system as well as a mobile exhibition solution and a game for a hollywood franchise.

And tomorrow... whatever is next!

Business size

11-25 employees

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