About Us

We investigate design. And there’s a great deal more to that than aesthetics and ergonomics.

Design research means exploring every single aspect of the human-brand-product relationship. Design research deciphers the relevant levers in this relationship, identifies drivers and barriers and opens the way for innovations. And is thus not just a channel for measuring and testing, but a source of knowledge for growth.

We accompany brands and products throughout their life cycle. Accordingly, our work begins even before markets exist, starting with the identification of relevant consumer insights and the development of sustainable product ideas. It investigates expectations and explores emotional and functional requirements. It measures the success of the initial concepts and draft designs for products and packaging prior to launch. And it checks the impact of a wide range of marketing policy instruments, all the way to diversification and relaunch.

Design research is thus far more than just a channel for testing. It is a developmental process, a think and work tool for innovation and consumer-relevant optimization. And thus also a source of knowledge for growth.

Business size

26-100 employees


Commercial presence