About Us

PIM-Consult GmbH is the independent and pragmatic consultancy for retail and industry, specialized in Product Data LifeCycle Management (PDLM).

Along with strategic consulting and the selection and implementation-management of product information systems, our portfolio also includes the optimization of commercial processes as well as and coaching and developing companies in the digital transformation process.

We call it: the refinement of data.

Deep-rooted understanding: We have internalized the critical success factors for up-and-coming companies from retail and industry—and you benefit from this.

Years of expertise: Our experience at the operational level as well as at the project and management level guarantees you pragmatic solutions that are relevant to your business in the scope necessary specifically for you.

From the backend to the frontend, from open source to enterprise: We ensure the smooth merger of technology, processes, design and cultural change in your company—both regionally and globally.

Whether master data management or a fashion shoot: Using our award-winning knowledge of the supplier market (PIM, MDM and MAM systems) and the creative market (keyword: imagery and efficient creation processes), we support you in making efficient decisions along the process chain.

>> Strategy: We work with you to determine your specific needs on the way from vision to customer experience.

>> Backend: We analyze the adaptability of your IT, re-model data models and processes, work with you to choose your system solution and manage the implementation.

>> Frontend: We optimize your processes for media productions focusing on synergies, efficiency, quality and increasing speed.

>> Enabling: We provide you and your employees with control tools, transfer our expertise and moderate the change process for you.

Business size

1-10 employees

Commercial presence