About Us

We are market leader for EBICS. Our customers are well renowned in the market. Since our foundation, we have gained the confidence of our customers and have established long-lasting, fruitful customer relationships. Every year, PPI software replaces established software of competitors, as reliability, performance and partnership are key issues for our customers.
We provide stable and high-performing software products for professional usage which are widely used. Modern technologies for mobile, web and server environments are in the focus of our TRAVIC product family.
We have published the EBICS compendium in English, French and German for our customers and the whole payment sector. The latest news about EBICS are discussed in English, French and German in our EBICS blog (www.EBICSblog.com). Please join our EBICS blog and our LinkedIn Group EBICSblog.
PPI AG Informationstechnologie (PPI) is a consulting and software company located in Hamburg (Germany). PPI was founded in 1984 and has branches in Germany (Hamburg, Kiel, Frankfurt and Düsseldorf), France (Paris) and Switzerland (Zurich). Since its foundation, PPI has steadily and moderately increased and has always been in the black. PPI is privately owned.

Impressum: http://ppi.de/impressum/

Business size

101-500 employees

Commercial presence