About Us

The TU Ilmenau occupies top positions, nationally and internationally, in selected fields of competence in basic as well as applied research. Furthermore, not only mathematics and the natural sciences, but also economics and media science are closely linked to engineering.

The strategic concentration on research leads to the development of very effective interdisciplinary centres of competence that conduct research at the highest level in close cooperation with technology companies. The TU Ilmenau`s research focus corresponds one hundred percent with the areas of growth identified as particularly innovative in the Thuringian Trend Atlas 2020:

• Nanoengineering
• Precision Engineering and Precision Measurement Engineering
• Technical and Biomedical Assistance Systems
• Drive Technology, Energy and Environmental Engineering
• Digital Media Technology
• Mobile Communications

Interdicplinary and application-oriented tuition characterise the academic education to a high degree. Currently, app. 6.800 students are enrolled in over 40 bachelor and masters courses in the fields of technology, mathematics, natural sciences, economics and media. The TU Ilmenau regularly secures top spots in national and international rankings for the quality of its tuition. Its graduates are in high demand in the industry. It is also well-known within and beyond Thuringia for its extremely active student life and many cultural, professional and sports societies. The university campus is considered one of the most attractive in Germany.

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