About Us


Wolfgang Joop is one of Germany’s most influential and iconic designers. He
became internationally known in the 1980‘s as founder and creative director
of the fashion and cosmetics company JOOP!. With his outstanding creative
leadership and intuition for the right spirit and zeitgeist he achieved worldwide
success and recognition. Driven by his incomparable creative instinct and the
urge to transcend established rules, he founded WUNDERKIND – the only
German fashion house of its kind.


Wolfgang Joop and Edwin Lemberg created WUNDERKIND, the luxury
Ready-to-Wear fashion label in 2003. W UNDERKIND was conceived in the
school of the classic couture salons and ateliers reflecting the best Parisian
tradition with creation, manufacturing, communication and design all residing
under one roof. WUNDERKIND presented its first collection at the New
York Fashion Week in 2004 and premiered in Paris 2006. Since then a lot
of power, knowledge, investment and an extraordinary level of design and
workmanship have built a unique brand. WUNDERKIND is the only remaining
German luxury designer brand, which has achieved an outstanding
international reputation.


To become an international fast-growing brand between art and fashion with
a unique design and a personalized luxury-class craftmanship for women,
WUNDERKIND does not follow external trends. Wolfgang Joop‘s
signature style is defined by a subtle play between structured, tailored,
masculine pieces and soft, fluid, feminine shapes in sensual, luxurious
fabrics, which are treated with unexpected and innovative techniques.
The line focuses on the highest level of craftsmanship and pays careful
attention to detail. WUNDERKIND sets trends itself, it celebrates individualism.

Business size

26-100 employees

Commercial presence